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Furniture assembly when moving home

Moving is not a very pleasant experience for many. One has to collect all the belongings, pack the furniture carefully and try to prevent cracks, scratches and chips on the surface. All the elements have to be taken outside, loaded into a truck (which a person has to find first), then brought into a new apartment again. These numerous activities can be replaced with one call to the company where certified removal porters and assemblers work.

After that, you can safely go about your business and pack your personal belongings, while experts quickly perform more labor-intensive work. Modular furniture will be disassembled (if it can’t be transported assembled) and later assembled in a new house.

removal porters and furniture assemblersOne may need the services provided by removal porters and furniture assemblers, not only when moving home. When a company decides to move to a new office, it has to move the present cabinets, tables, chairs and much more. Disassembling and loading the furniture on one’s own will take a lot of time. Be sure to call specialists whose main task is disassembly/assembly the furniture for moving. Your colleagues will be able to get down to work in another office much faster if all the furniture is assembled by specialists in just a few hours..

When else one needs furniture disassembly

When else one needs furniture disassemblyDisassembled cabinets are much more compact and take up less space in the truck. Carefully packed parts won’t be damaged, so you can enjoy perfect condition of the same furniture in a new house or office. However, there are other cases when one may need furniture disassembly:

1. You have ordered a new bed, but the old one hasn’t been sold yet. Specialists will disassemble it, and you can put it away for storage and free up more space.

2. You have started major repairs, but bulky cabinets are in the way. The professionals will disassemble and move the furniture to another room so that you don’t have to face such an inconvenience.

3. You want to throw away your furniture during your move. If the new house already has everything you need for a quiet life, the furniture is disassembled and packed when moving the apartment for sale or for disposal, so that you can get rid of it by taking it to the place intended for this. Also, disassembly and packing of furniture is available when moving the office.

If you don’t want to waste time disassembling furniture on your own, feel free to contact our company right away. The specialists do the job in a matter of minutes, and after a while you will see carefully packed boards instead of a full-fledged cabinet.

Advantages of contacting professionals

Moving home, furniture disassembly for which you have ordered in advance, will be completed much faster. Our specialists will disassemble all the required elements of your interior in a matter of hours and load them into a truck. All you will need is to check whether all the parts have been collected for transportation.

Furniture assembly when moving homeThe specialists enjoy vast experience, so don’t waste time studying the furniture assembling and disassembling instructions. They perform each task to the highest standards, so that the owners don’t have to spend time studying hardware and connecting principles of their favorite cabinet’s elements.

Furniture assembly when moving home must be quick and safe. Every part is easily fixed on the right place, the elements don’t deform, and the assembled furniture doesn’t lose any of its functions. You will be able to start putting the apartment to rights as soon as you are there; at the same time, our professionals will assemble all the cabinets, bedside tables, and beds.

Moving home, furniture assembly after delivering it to a new home or office won’t be difficult either. Feel free to contact us to find out the exact cost and time that transporting your belongings will require.