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Country-house move

Country-house moveFor our people country house move rather phenomenon than apartment moving. But if you want to get rid of the stuff you don’t need in your flat you may be needed the help of a moving company.

Usually, we take out the old furniture, big closets, massive tables or heavy piano. Here comes a problem! How to move it and what to do with the room doorways. If you like our movers can measure the width and height of your doors and take the furniture apart. In fact we recommend that they be disassembled. Pack and wrap each detail to be fixed in truck. “Удобный переезд” team were tought of cargo transportation ‘twists and turns’.

Another important detail is the route of transportation. All of us know that in our country there is no good roads at all. It is risky enough to choose a shortest way with poor road serfase. Our manager helps you to build an optimal itinerary for safty transportation. To avoid stress and repair costs of damaged furniture and appliances.

“Удобный переезд” moving company in Kiev and Kiev region.

Why hire movers if it is so close to go? If you think so you know nothing about moving. There are many details that need to be pay attention to. Our experienced staff does their job very good and is equipped for any eventuality.

It is not old furniture which “departed out of city for the rest” but asome appliances as well. With it needs special care. We pay attention to every detail and deliver your equipment in best condition.

When you plan your move you think that only “an elephant has to be taken into account”. We believe that every little detail has to be saved.

Everythingl should be well packed, even food from your refregarator. You do not want to find your white color chair to be dirty of cranberries juce, do you?

If your move to your contry house planed to be a global relocation and you take with you all your stuff with you, our professionals will take care of the packaging and the safty transporting. We offer accountability and fill responsible for our company services. We careful as well as quick.