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About Us

Welcome to the “Удобный Переезд” Moving Company website.

We are professional removalists in Kiev having a comprehensive range of home or business moving services, providing experienced movers to pack, load, and unload your stuff where its furniture or oversized ATMs or sefe box.

Our services
We’re different than other moving companies
Our Dedicated Team
Working Hours
Our Credo is transparent rates
VIP turnkey basis project removal
No scrape removal
Our moving Trucks
Reliable Storage solutions


Our Services includes:

- Dismantling and assembling;
- Loading and unloading trucks, rail wagon and airplanes;
- Layout and prepackaging;
- Furniture disassembly and assembly;
- Rigging Services.

We’re different from rest movers in Kiev in several ways:

- We are experienced, well trained experts;
- We are full-time and overnight service;
- Rates and pricing policy;
- We always on time, with operational efficiency ;
- We are material and financial responsible;
- All of our operators, appraisers, managers, drivers and loaders are professionals.

We work fast, an efficiently and smoothly.

If you are tired of watching unpracticed persons trying to pull out the expansive furniture to scraping walls plaster and breacking corners. They looks inexperted and so helpless.
Just show amateurs the door out and let professionals give you an efficient service.
We can make your move stressles and as simple as possible. Our experienced and skilled movers are equipped to keep your furniture safe and to protect interior from damage.

Working Hours

We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, even holidays
What to do if you urgently need for home moving but most moving company is closed at 7 pm?
Don’t waste your time, we are flexible, so we can change our normal routine to accommodate your needs. Now you can relax knowing that UP is here to assist you any time you need it.

You pay accordantly to our rates

We care about our customers. You won’t have any unwanted or unknown additions to your bill. No extra charge would be required from you.

You don’t have to pay extra money if it’s was not promised in your estimate. There are many scammers in moving industry today, have no deal with them.
We believe in being honest. We never change our service agreements after it signing off regardless of the circumstances.

Even in case of uncontrollable circumstances such as elevator stuck, narrow doorways and difficult angles, lack of parking place around the building.
It’s not your burden. It’s ours.
Our Credo is transparent rates and accountability!

VIP turnkey removal

Are you going to move and you have no time to organize your moving?
Are you looking for some one capable of moving your office equipment and furniture?
You can commit this work to UP moving company. We are able to handle VIP removal. Our employees are experienced team working in harmony. UP movers and packers need less than 3 hours to assemble your furniture, pack, unpack and place where you want it. So you could enjoy your new place right after moving is complete and not to view a mass any more.

No scrape removal

Whether you need to transport delicate valuable antiques or your large crystal chandelier there is no reason to worry about them. Our movers can do it neatly and ship it.
UP moving company offers packing and unpacking services in Kiev. Our well trained, professional movers can pack antique furniture so flawlessly, that they leave an age-old dust lie alone on and none new speck of dust will penetrate into the package.
They will bring the items inside; place them, leaving no trace of their stay. They leave the house as clean and comfortable as it was before they entered. Our workers can collect and remove all debris from the moving process.

Our moving trucks

Had you ever been in a situation where you do carry your belongings and furniture, as a result of which your goods were under the influence of “shrinkage”?

We are so sorry for what you had to face with. And we are ready to help you!
We have special trucks driven by experienced and attentive drivers only.

These modern trucks equipped with various devices that protect even the most fragile glass, mirror and porcelain items from damage and bumps on the road, as well as copiers and other expensive office equipment.

Reliable Storage solutions

Have you recently rented out your apartment and they ask you to take out your furniture? You are in the renovation process and you can’t help worrying about the safty of you future interior items?

It’s okay. We have the answer you are looking for. That can be efficiently and inexpensively. Contact us today and tomorrow we’ll come to make pre-inventory then our workers pack carefully and transport your items to the storage facility.
You can get your property according to inventory at any time you want. No one of our customer complaints yet. That’s mean we have earned the trust and recognition from our customers all over Ukraine.
We offer excellent service, impeccable work of each team member, friendliness, reliability and the ability to solve even the most complex tasks and this is an incomplete list of advantages of our company. You are always welcomed!