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Move furniture safely and easily

When it comes time to move whether its house relocation, office move or counry house moves plenty of people tend moving by theirs family and friends assistance think its enough simple task. But since it’s turned to furniture move everything is change. You need professionals to do it for you. If you need a help simply call us. “ Удобный Переезд” Company in Kiev present a comprehensive removals service. Domestic and bussines moves, packing, furniture assembling and delivering any number of furniture you need.

Disassembling and Packing

Move furniture safely and easilyOur furniture packing experts is full-equipped removal specialists. For many years experienced and skilled they are able to make your furniture shipping, transport and storage safe and easy.

Cabinets. In order to correctly dismantle larger furniture items such as cabinets, kitchen, tables, shelves, drawers, beds and tables the movers should come a day before. You don’t have to worry about your wood, glass, mirror, plastic furniture items. Our workers will wrap and protect it of having any chips, cracks nor scratches in prepation for efficient and safe transportation to your new location. In case you moving for no long distance we carry all the necessary supplies, a variety of quality wrapping materials, including bubble packing tape. For long distance moving more then 150 km we carefully pack your furniture using protective corrugated cardboard.

Upholstered furniture sofa, chair, chairs, beds, etc. All might be disassemble removing only curtain and decorative details wrap and pack with air-bubble tape to provide a soft buffer between items ensuring your goods remain tight and secure during movement.

Antique furniture is subject to partial dismantle when it’s equipped of mounted and decorative details, it needs careful handling and special packaging. Our furniture removals team is professionally trained to pack your belongings in air-bubble tape, foam, corrugated cardboard with protective profiles, corners, scratch tape.

Handling, placing a furniture

Move furniture safely and easilySince your furniture is dismantled and packed its parts will need to be secured by tie-down, harnesses, gaskets and soft cushions for loading and placement on our special equipped truck so it is protected against frequent movement and vibrations. Nothing will suffer from rain, dust or oil mist on the roads. We promise to treat your belonings as our own.

Our vehicle has a fully enclosed multilayer body, assembled with panels using anodized aluminum profiles.

It is reliable transport and the moving equipment to meet your needs and keep your furniture in safe!
These panels made of special water-resistant plywood, lined with glass-fiber reinforced polyester and plastic, which protects the cargo from negative impact of the external environment. For an extra strength the panels are mounted by amplifiers steel.

Each part of the furniture is secured by wooden bumpers lined with felt and special tubes wich goes along the perimeter of the vehicle body.

Speed and route

As we have alredy found right packaging dismantling, packaging and placement in the truck body provides safety of the transported furniture the correct. How fast the truks can run is no less important then that.

Bed quality of our roads is kinda a big problem. Our drivers know that even a new coating full of potholes and pits can be dangerous for auto and cargo. To avoide the problems our managers organize correct the transport route. But that’s not really the help.

Since you get into the pothole impact force is proportional to the square of the speed. Therefore in order to maintain your valuable belongings unharmed our drivers keeps optimum speed limit of 60-70 km per hour.

Perhaps, it is clear list of rules our company workers followes in moving proces. These simple rules seems insignificant but for many times they have practically proved their effectiveness. Our local removal company offer all services you can require.