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Museum furniture removal

As a professional moving furniture company, we use to carry, pack, disassemble and assemble various types of furniture.

We are not surprised anymore by a great diversity of furniture styles and types, different size and shape variety can be used for our own purposes. Antique dressers, bunk beds, library shelving, Home Gym for kids, queen’s beds, huge size sofas are far more complicated to pack than your picture frames or books. We still not seen everything!Museum furniture disassemble and assemble

The only way we can get an idea about the historical past of our earliest predecessors it is by the archaeologists who are uncovers the artifacts, as well as museums that collect and preserve the priceless artifacts.

We’re finding that since the reign of the pharaohs the Egyptians were very inventors of tables and chairs, beds and armchairs, benches, stools and chests. The ancient Greeks and Romans have been skilled not only in construction but they were furniture painting and inlaying experts.
All this glass shelving, display cabinets, exhibition stands which house museum exhibits, requires careful dismantling and accurate assembly, when it’s being used in exhibitions and the roadshows.
Museum workers are very responsible people and scrupulous to the actual artifacts as much as to the furniture, in which it’s being put on.

«Удобный Переезд» company has a reliable team of professionals. Our craftsmen are experienced and skilled furniture movers especially for such specific furniture.
You’ll be able to breathe easy knowing that every of our workers are professionally trained and equipped. All they need is to come at the place to look at your lodging, hallway, lobby, doorways size and the ceiling height to have all the dimensions. Furniture removal. Disassemble and assemble

Whenever the task of furniture removal has assigned our movers need to make a few steps to preparing moving process. This is a partial or complete furniture dismantling, then careful packing and loading into the truck and fixing it.
It is usually best to have two people to assemble the furniture to avoid neither any damage nor falling down pieces to prevent scratching.

As it will dismantled our movers will neatly pack glass furniture by pieces, wrap delicate items with air bubble wrap,put polyethylene plastic sheeting and duct tape and will fix by the tape.

Inform us beforehand by phone, fax, or E-mail and tell us what furniture items you want to move, and we will provide an exact price.
We have a long list of successful and safe furniture removals in Kiev of antiques, glass shelves, bedroom furniture, dining room, living room, exhibition stands, display cabinets, and other fragile items.

Transport, disassemble and assemble of museum furniture in Kiev, «Удобный Переезд» company.