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Pianos moving

We still remember Soviet times when the piano was the favorite instrument of our parents. They make us been piano musicants. But if you like to have it in your house you might have “special people” who help you to get piano. Because you would not buy it in stores. A few out of 1000 became musicians. Pianos moving Since you not a musician your piano is junk or very voluminous piece of furniture. You think who to get rid of it, or remove it to your country house. Some people need their instrument to be kindly relocated to a new “residence”.

Piano removal procces is little bit complicated. The piano size itself is very specific for moving, its weighs to much. Our buildings porches are not that wide as needed. You don’t want confide your belongings to volunteers. Do you? We can’t bypass the knowledge of accidents prevention. If you don’t know how to carry a heavy laod on the stairs … Don’t risk anyone’s health not your piano safty.Sometimes it is looks imposible to bring the piano down stairs. You ask 5 people to help you and in fact they are useless squeezed around in a little room.

Pianos moving“Удобный переезд” company responsible for every aspect of your relocation. Piano removal is specialists business. Our team members are strong young men, two of them are able to safely take your instrument downstairs. Do not bury your piano ahead of time. If you need your piano to be relocated to a new place in its original state.

Our employees use special slings and knowledge of accidents prevention. Don’t go with the company who’s cheapest because you will get what you paid for.

All the details of you moving plan you can discusse with our managers. You’ll get a free consultation of your piano removal service cost.