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Furniture Assembly-Disassembly

We all spend our whole lives in our houses. We love our comfortable dwellings where we can meet our guests and spend time with our family and friends. But in some day we just need a little home remodeling. What if you like to buy new furniture or remove it to a new apartaments? In your case you’ll need assembly and disassembly the furniture for sure. Furniture Assembly-Disassembly Service.

Assembly - disassembly of furnitureYou ask if someone can do it for you. Yeah, we would like to help you. “Удобный переезд” company specializes in disassembly and assembly, office furniture removals. Let our experts measure your furniture and your doorways first. As soon as you choose offered cardboard, tape, boxes, etc. your furniture will be carefully disassembled and packaged by parts. If there is no need to disassemble the items, it might be well pack and fixed.

A second step of furniture removal a little bit complicated for our costumers when it’s go with furniture assemling. It seems to be not big deal but its makes you crazy. One lost male screw can bring you a lot of trouble especially if it is a certain size screw you cannot buy it at the store.

Our team workers are experienced in assembling and/or disassembling furniture for years. We equipped with professional tools and are able to cope even the most intricate fixtures.

Assembly - disassembly of furnitureWe take care of every aspect of your removal. We move our clients and their possessions safely and responsibly. All of our trucks equipped with special equipment.

Given the fact that Ukraine is diseases of rough roads our workers knows how to keep your items in safe and undamaged.

Of course if you can save your money you ask your friends to help you in your moving. But remember it’s not worth it. We can do it much better just because we have much more experience than your friends do. Call experts and you safe your time and your money.

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