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Debris and Junk Removal

Debris and Junk removal (Kyiv and Kyiv region)

Including weekends and holidays.

«Удобный переезд» company helps its clients relocate and remove their large loads to a new location as well. The same is applies to debris service. Your house renovation is finished. But debris still inside. No problem. We can do construction waste disposal for you.

We work weekends and holidays, at a convenient time for you.All you might do call us and tell the operator your address, the approximate amount of work, should it be pack, whether the debris out or not. Floor number is needed to calculate the cost.

We can pack items in our bags or you will have yours it has to be tought in advance. Be sure to specify what you want to load. A trash can be different sizes both dimensional and compact. Tiling, plumbing, windows, doors, waste paper, furniture all this might be taking out quickly and at a convenient for you time.

Debris removal for our company is not a big deal. Having many years of moving business experience we are expanding the range of our services and develop new activities.

Debris and Junk removal (Kyiv and Kyiv region)Including weekends and holidays.Debris and Junk removal may be necessary not only to builders or owners of apartments happy with their renewal. This type of service can be useful for those who need to remove old and unnecessary furniture. Mostly we ourselves let huge clunky cabinets live by our sides for years and years. “Удобный переезд” helps you to get rid of the junk. After your call and tell us the specified time we might come and break out your old unwanted items of furniture and then take out it of your home.

Our company is engaged in Debris and Junk removal in Kiev and Kiev region (Borispol, Brovary, Vishgorod, Bucha, Irpen, Vasilkov, Vishnevoe, and Obukhov).

We opened on weekends and holidays, any time you say.

For many people this factor is crucial in choosing moving company. Most of our clients are busy at work on the standard schedule Monday through Friday.

You have no time to do your household chores in the middle of the week? No problem. Call us on weekends and holidays, we will help you to get rid of debris, old furniture and all junk in your house.