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Movers in each Kiev districts

kiev_map_bigshYou have no idea about the image of a mover man in time of ”Soviet unobtrusive service” and the service of the post-perestroika period called the “intrusive service” and it is good for you! Many of Soviet citizens, who have experienced moving, remember the result of such a project, their stuff was delivered but it might be missing something. More then that the place could be left dirty and smoky after workers gone. Therefore unpacking items they use to hold-over after all consequences was eliminated.

Today we prove the opposite by our own example.
Beyond debate our movers were not graduated from the university to become a professionals, they just went through the special training in our company but this fact in no way diminishes their merits. Every day they solve customers’ problems doing it quietly, clearly, carefully and competently as a good representative of our company.
Movers in each Kiev districts

You can meet our movers in all Kiev districts: on Obolon, Troyeshchyna, Poznyaki, Pechersk, Darnytsia or on Podol.
They are friendly people, always neat, dressed in clean clothing. Our business is “not random” people, they are masters of their craft.

Our skilled craftsmen
Furniture packers doing as well disassembly and assembly and moving furniture. They also are experts of furniture packing and guarantee safety moving even for long distance. Upholstered furniture will be packe in polyethylene to save against dirt stains and scratches on the clothes and leather surfaces.
ince the wooden parts are dismantled it’s packed into corrugated cardboard. An antique furniture parts and mirrors arepacking by air-bubble tape.
Our high-weigh workers are able to reload heavy loads such as boxes, safes boxes, pianos, etc. These type of moves are really physically strong guys doing fast any hard job. They will never ask you if it’s nessesary to lift your safe box up to 21 floor. They makes plans for its successful moving.
Perhaps the only difference between the various categories of workers is their physical condition otherwise they are similar. They have a good spatial thinking in contrast to the following type of thinking “round – catty, square – carry it.” Lightness and wit of our experts allows them to find the optimal solution in each case.
Many times all of our workers have proved that they are responsible and careful with antiques, expensive office equipment and delivering important documents from office to office .Movers in each Kiev districts

Feel free to contact us
What makes our workers different is diligence and punctuality.
There is no room for wrangles no bickering. They are quickly to respond to any of customers request.
Our moving company movers performs office moving, a new apartment moves, your commercial or residential relocation, storage facility laoding service, will help you to get rid of debris quickly and efficiently.

Our movers in Kiev can deliver your furniture, do dismantling, packing, moving, furniture assembly and put it into place. There is no too heavy loads or too big for them to carry. Whether it’s piano or ATM, wardrobe, bed or headsets, no problems we’ll carry it up on 10-th floor. To improve our work efficiency and reduce the amount of time our employees use some most diverse moving equipment.

Our movers are able to handle any relocation on the highest standard, professionally, thoroughly and accurately. They listen for the customers’ needs and fulfill all their requirements.

Call us to order a single service movers service or combine with cargo transport services. Our consultant will help you to choose service which will suit your needs.
Professional movers of “Удобный Переезд” moving company will come to your home to help any daytime and at night, on holidays and weekends as well.