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Movers services

Year by year we expanding the range of our services for our customers benefits. Although our main profile is moving business, you still free to have our movers serve your specific need. Movers services«Movers services» “Удобный переезд” pays attention of staff qualification. Do you think that anyone with no education or any qualification can be a good mover? Sure not.

Having good physical condition and skills of using special equipments what makes you an expert of your business. In order to load and move large heavy items you’ll need knowledge of physics. It does will help you to pick up and move the load. Qualified movers also need to be skills of properly packing items and knowledge of accidents prevention. Not everyone will be able put the items out to properly distribute their weight.

Movers servicesFor an additional fee, you always can have our movers wrap your items up, pack, assembling furniture, place furniture, large-size objects services debris and other removal services are available.

This is our specialty, fast and reliable removal. Our employees are not high qualified specialists as well as have excellent physical condition. Like it or not, but we have to use in our business brute men’s force. You would describe our managers your plans such is sevices you are interested in, your load size or whether you would like us to disassemble your furniture in advance.

Movers servicesIt will determine the required mover number, transport, arrange the most suitable route. Our company operates seven days a week including holidays. We do everything for our customer’s convenience.

Due to the well organized and coordinated team work, you will be satisfied with our services quality. We try to perform our tasks as quickly as we can, accurately and safety.

Our movers are responsible for your belongings, so they treat it gently and carefuly. We do all the possible to reduce the risk of your belongings damage. You can be sure our services will bring only positive results.

The cost of a single mover service: 40 USD per 1 hour.