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New apartment move

Not many of us had a chance to live at least 30 years at the same apartment. Someone moved from one street to another, the others are willing to leave behind their contry. In most cases moving procces can be chaotic and unpleasant. You all time in worry about missing something, you need to keep track of everything, check the movers to pack well… But if you want to save yourself from these stresses, you better to move with the help of a moving company.
New apartment moving

Although moving into a new apartment is an exciting experience it is often compared to a natural disaster. You can’t find what you need at the moment, the vase is broken, scratched surfaces. It is looks like a hurricane. «Удобный переезд» will take extreme care when in your home and with your treasured possessions. Our team are experienced professionals. They have been fasing with non-standard furniture, narrow doorways, fragile cargo, carry heavy objects with no elevator etc. We will take care of you to do our best your move remain in past.

Securely packed items is 90 percent of successful transporting. Our managers will offer you several options: boxes, tape, paper, foam. If you don’t plan to pack, be sure we’ll do it all for you. After we have all your stuff boxed and well labeled we will provide another important thing fixing it in trucks loading space.

You are allways welcomed! We’ll make sure you get the care and nessesary consideration the minute you call. We have differend kind of boxes to provide packing. You tell us what you want packed and the way to. Then we’ll tell you the number of movers and type of transport it is required.

«Удобный переезд» dedicated team able to provide an excellent service and ensures your apartment move fast and successful move. You do not have to spend money for the furniture restoration or buying a new chandelier. Our specialists are reliable and responsible; they are professionals you can be trusted on.