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Safe Deposit box Removal

Whether you need to relocate your offices or the entire family you might need to remove not your furniture as well as the safe box. You see, that very valuable storage usually is such an uncomfortable laod. Some of them are so heavy and what’s more they never be disassembled. We are experienced experts of safes removals. We have the ability to move your items fast and safty.
safe_deposit_boxDon’t go with the company who’s cheapest because you will get what you paid for. Do not hire voluntaries, call us for professional assistance. You don’t really want to see 1000 paunds weight falling on someones foot. Likewise lifting heavy items the wrong way can cause you serious back injury. There are many situations you would not like to be in. No problems, you should not. “Удобный переезд” a legal and reputable moving service to help you!

First thing our experts would do is dismantle mounting hardware of the safe. If it is in the alcove they will derive it therefrom. Then we load it on a special tray. Remember some safe box weighs is over 3000 paunds and some is oversize. It must be fixed on a pallet and delivered to our vehicle. Our workers use strong lines (in case the item weighs is up to 1500 paunds), trolley and so on.

Our trucks are equiped with special locks. We will remove your safe neat and undamaged. Despite the large size and thick walls of safe box construction some of them are stored by very sensitive mechanisms. Do not worry! We’ll do our best to keep your valuables safe from damage.

Our company staff is well trained and responsible people. Skilled workers and correctly matched equipment. We are friendly and prophesinally. We are one of the best Moving Company in Kiev. Each of our customers might to confirm we gets our job done efficiently and on time.