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Furniture Assembly in Kiev

Furniture Assembly in KievModular furniture assembly is a work that is hard to complete without certain skills. The instruction may lack your native language, so you will face difficulties when trying to understand the principles of assembling a new set. To avoid these unnecessary problems, you should contact specialists. Professionals from company know perfectly well how to assemble any furniture easily and quickly – wardrobes for a living room or a bedroom, kitchen sets and much more.

Furniture Assembly in Kiev, performed by our specialists takes no longer than a few hours. They know the exact order of assembling the parts and what hardware is suitable for a certain part of your wardrobe.

The specialists bring all the tools with them, which make the assembly a very quick procedure. Most often, not only manual, but also power tools are needed. Among them:

  • - screwdriver and drill;
  • - jigsaw;
  • - building hair dryer;
  • - manual frezer;
  • - grinder;
  • - screwdriver, awl, stapler;
  • - clamps;
  • - conductor for furniture loops.

Furniture Assembly in Kiev

If a small bedside table to be assembled, a minimum tool set will be enough. And when it comes to a large modular cabinet, you will have to use all the available tools. The craftsmen will carefully attach each shelf and drawer, hanger rods, and you won’t have any difficulties when using new furniture.

Experience as the Main Component of Furniture Assembly

The best furniture assemblers have many years of experience in assembling different types of furniture. They know all the subtleties and nuances perfectly well, which should receive their attention during the procedure. The specialists can adjust the wardrobe elements and protect the parts from deformation and damage during transportation and assembly.

During the installation of new furniture, our specialists perform the work as carefully as possible – linoleum (or laminate), wallpaper and other elements of the home interior will remain in their original form.

If the manufacturer failed to drill holes for hardware when making the furniture, our professionals will do the job. Often, low-quality models of cabinets or wardrobes have the poorly attached handles. This spoils the interior aesthetics and makes it difficult to use the furniture. Specialists will correct these shortcomings quickly so that your furniture looks perfect.

Key problems with assembling furniture on your own

Many people consider furniture to be a kind of “adult Legos”, so after delivery they rush to try to assemble all the elements on their own. Our specialists have done numerous correction of such attempts. If you assemble the parts on your own, be prepared for your new and fashionable furniture to lose its presentable appearance.

Furniture Assembly in KievThe main problem with assembling the furniture on your own is insufficient safety. If the wardrobe doors are poorly screwed, or you need to make efforts to open the chest drawer, the furniture or its elements may fall. In this case, the likelihood of damage to furniture items increases.

There may also be gaps between the furniture wings and body. If the diagonal deforms, you can forget about the presentable appearance. It is important to attach the hardware correctly, since it affects not only the furniture’s appearance, but its functions as well.

If you need a warranty that a new wardrobe will be assembled quickly and competently, ​​please contact us. Furniture assembly in all districts is performed in the shortest possible time. In just a few hours, you will enjoy aesthetic appearance of a new interior element. You won’t have to worry that the door wing or handle will suddenly fall off – all the work is done for a full due, ensuring the utmost quality and order.